App Download Page

Keeping your DropStation up to date

Please be sure to "Update Firmware" when you update -- it's an extremely rapid process and makes sure your DropStation is up to date.

DropStation for Android

Android - Build 21 (2022-10-12 6:48PM PDT) (latest)

Android - Build 20 (2022-10-11 6:36PM PDT) (last)

Android - Build 19 (2022-10-05 7:52PM PDT) (before that)

Note: this app is privately signed by us here at Burntable and hasn't been released in Google Play.  You may receive a warning from "Play Protect" until we have this released in Google Play.  We will only ever direct you to this page for app downloads.

Update: we'll be transitioning to Google Play releases very soon so Android users can enjoy automatic / easier app updates.

DropStation for iOS

Install + auto-updates via Apple TestFlight

Apple TestFlight is an official Apple deployment service that allows developers to release apps to limited users prior to release in the App Store.  It allows us to see crash reports and for users to submit screenshots of issues/problems if/when they occur.